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Finale Ligure
05:4521:14 CEST
Feels like: 28°C
Wind: 11km/h ESE
Humidity: 74%
Pressure: 1016.9mbar
UV index: 8

A little bit of history

Finale Ligure, already well known for its stunning seaside, is also internationally considered as the iconic place to be by the outdoor sports and activities lovers.

This evolution, that has seen the birth of a proper outdoor sport oriented resort, has started 50 years ago, when the first climbing route has been drawn on the Finale Ligure’s cliffs and it continued over these 20 years with the increasing of the popularity of the mountain bike movement thanks to the unique variety of the finalese area trails net, A never seen before success that made Finale Ligure a model in the outdoor contest studied and mentioned during many meetings.


A never stopping rise has made the offer wider also above Finale ligure involving more and more adjoining towns  (Varigotti, Borgio Verezzi, Calice Ligure, Giustenice, Magliolo, Noli, Orco Feglino, Pietra Ligure, Rialto, Spotorno, Tovo San Giacomo, Vezzi e Mallare) so now we could consider it as a bi Finalese Resort. This area is a unique landscape context in itself, but also for its historic, cultural and enogastronomic traditions. A territory that from the Ligurian Sea extends first into a vast hinterland to finally reach the mountain, thus giving each visitor the opportunity to experience and discover a variety of landscapes, an invaluable value also in terms of flora and fauna.

Mediterranean Climate

Thanks to a natural predisposition for the practice of the outdoor activities such as the mountain biking and the sport climbing, the Finalese Area is visited and haunted by the people that know it unicity: thanks to the mediterranean climate it can be lived 365 days year long. Sea, trekking, trail running, mountain bike trails, caves and cliffs here everybody can enjoy the outdoor sports life style.

The Finalese area represents a heritage to be respected, protected and enhanced.

Main Events

24h Finale Ligure

The Indiana Jones Chapter

In the past editions you’ve been time travellerz, superheroes, cowboys, this time your mission will be to be with Indiana Jones in the seek of the Lost Bike, to to that, the energy of the Holy Gral is needed.

The 21th edition of the 24h of Finale will take part fro May the 31th to June the 2nd on Le Manie area of Finale Ligure.

A long,troubled,full of traps and obstacles icourse is waiting for you, but nothing will stop you on your iron steeds and finally, you’ll find the Energy of the 24h of Finale, that can move everything beyond the fatigue with the magic power of fun.


Trophy of Nations 2019

The 2019 Enduro World Series is going foward and the long awaited Trophy of the Nations event on the 28/29 September is getting closer.

What makes this edition unique is that, above the Nation Teams, we’ll have also different types of teams (Team Industry and Team Privateer), this will give the opportunity for all the riders to build up a team and be part of the event.

Finale For Nepal

2019 Finale for Nepal

From the 26th to the 29th of September the 2019 edition will take place in Finalborgo and in Orco Feglino.

In 2009 a bunch of locals outdoor and free climbing lovers decided to set up a project to promote the free climbing activity in Nepal. One of these guys, Carlo Mamberto, already lives and works here and here born the common thread between the heaven of freeclimbing and the most beautiful mountains in the world. They thought about raising funds in order to help the people of the Asiatic country and in the meantime they created also a fest for climbers as a meeting point with a common goal. The idea of “Finale for Nepal” is born, this unmissable event for climbing,alpinism,outdoor enthusiasts and not only,takes place every year by the end of September between the Finalborgo’s medieval walls and the Orco Feglino’s climbing spots.


Finale Ligure Migration

From the 18th to the 21 of July, Finale Ligure is super proud to host also the Migration, the first meeting organized out of the US.

Ibis, the iconic californian mtb brand founded back in 1981 by Scot Nicol ,has chosen Finale Ligure for its first European meeting.

The brand from Santa Cruz distribuited in Italy by 4Guimp is a reality in Finale since the 90′ and in 2019 the liaison with the italian mtb “mecca” has become stronger with the creation of a new dealer point in Finalborgo and a team of ambassadors made of local guides and athletes.

Outdoor – Our Services

Who come here can find a net of activities and services outdoor tourist oriented. We are talking about people that aim to share with professionalism the love for the territory where they live offering services and products in order to complete the already huge natural area’s offer.


mountain biking and climbing, hiking and nature formed guides.


sailing, surfing and canoeing schools, scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching, indoor climbing and MTB.


replaments items, accessories and biking maintenance

Trasport Services

Shuttles and transfers to easily reach all the comprensory’s trails.

MTB  Shuttle Tours:

Daily or weekly freeride or enduro guided tours.

You can also find many outdoor dedicated stores with the best products that the market has got to offer.


Hospitality, Food & Drink, Relax




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