his special link with Finale Ligure

…was good to share with them why we like here. Because there is time both like family, seaside, sport and outdoor. We found a great place here and we like the italian food, the ‘gelato’…”. Jérôme Clementz

Pro Rider

Pro Rider Enduro starting from 2008 with Cannondale Partnership
From 2007 to 2012 Jerome won France Enduro Series , the Mégavalanche dell’Alpe d’Huez, the Mountain of Hell at 2 Alpes, the Red Bull Trailfox in Switzerland, the Tranprovence and also the Red Bull exodus at Crankworx in Canada.

Some of the best results are:

Enduro World Champion

European Enduro Champion 2015




I meet Jérôme Clementz, mountain bike enduro world champion, in a warm Monday afternoon at the end of June. After a day riding on Finale’s trails, he has reached his family and friends at the beach. This is how it confirms the beautiful and unique habit of this place: to end the riding day on the sand, in front of the sea. French, born in 1984, he is a world level racer that likes to travel, share adventures and the simply things in life, as you can see on his website; a semplicity which is reflected in his kind way of being. I share a little talks with Jey, as he is nicknamed, I’m curious about his special link with Finale Ligure, scenery of his most unforgettable moments of his rider career, as the title of enduro world champion of the first EWS in 2013 and the first EWS Career Achievement Award in 2017. A new one has been added in his best personal memories, the reason why he is here – “we never been in June in Finale” he says – is the wedding celebrated two days before with Pauline Dieffenthaler (she is mtb enduro rider too, ed): “last year we decided to get married here. We invited family and friends to celebrate here and we did some beach time and also some riding so…it was good to share with them why we like here. Because there is time both like family, seaside, sport and outdoor. We both like this place and we wanted to celebrate it outside, we found a great place here and we like the italian food, the ‘gelato’…”.
I ask Jey to do a step back in time and to tell me when and how he came to Finale for the first time “The first time I came here it’s actually a long time ago. I think 2008. I was living for one year in the south of France, near Nice, and a friend from the South said that there was a place we can ride. So we came here and we loved the trails. Finale was not really famous at the time. Then we came back, from where I live in the north east of France it’s only 4 hours drive, and we started coming here every year and we did some races. It was a tradition to come here at least once a year”. I wonder him, attending Finale for many years, what has been the evolution of this place from his first time here: “There is a lot of change and I think this could be a good exemple to development of bike tourism because at the beginning there were few trails, few people doing shuttle but nothing coordinated and with the time there are more trail, opening days, there are also hotels, b&b adapt to the customers with bike rooms, bike storages and services. All the area got better to welcome the riders and every time I come there are new trails and this is cool! You can ride all year long so this is cool because where I live there is snow. So I like to come here sometimes when there is snow at home and I like also here when you start from the top 1200 mt it’s like a mountain trail, really flowly and then the trail changes going down to the sea. You have different kind of trail technical, flowly…and you don’t get bored!”.
I ask Jey what Finale means for him and, smiling, he replies “For me Finale is like a working holiday. I come to ride bikes, this is my job, but at the same time it ‘s always relax so it is good time, a mix of pleasure and work”. Before saying goodbye I ask him one last question about what’s next “Next for me holidays. But I will be back racing here at the end of the year. I plan to do the Trophy of Nations (to be held on 28th and 29th of September in Finale Ligure, ed), but as I don’t do EWS anymore (Clementz announced the withdrawal from competitions at the end of 2017, ed), I will do with friends or Industry, I don’t know exaclty my Team but I will be part of this event”. We await Jérôme’s return to the Finale’s trail soon.