The Consortium

Thenew Consortium to promote and ward "Finalese" Region
Finale Outdoor Resort


Maintain and Improve the high level standards we achieved for our Brand and Destination “Finale Outdoor Resort”


A safeguarded region to keep and consolidate the leadership in the outdoor tourism’s market.


Not only Marketing but, first of all we would like to create the awareness and knowledge in all people that live and work in our fantastic region


A single territory with  a thousand faces, Sea, beaches , hills and Mountain, our differences are our value added.

The Mission

Mission: born to improve the value, safeguerd, organize and promote our destination and region in Italy and all over the world, in synergy and together with pubilc organizations and local associations.


The Scope:

  • Finalese Area, more then 10 municipalities around Finale Ligure, including all valleys, mountains,hills that are part of our unique Outdoor Destination (Pietra Ligure, Borgio Verezzi, Spotorno, Noli, Vezzi Portio, Feglino, Rialto, Calice, Magliolo, Mallare…)
  • Outdoor Activities: mountain biking, climbing, trekking and hiking, running , surfing and all the different outdoor activities that you can practice in our region
  • Members: more then 20 hospitality and resort companies (hotels, holiday houses, B&B, pubs and restaurants), more then 10 outdoor/experience companies (mobility, MTB guides, enduro/freeride and E-bike experience, rent and workshops,…)


Free Climbing Routes

MTB Trails

Outdoor Presences

Trails KM

Sport's Days

From FOR to FOR

The Program:

Destination marketing and promotion: develop an effective communication process and a strategic plan  in order to attract and involve visitors and sponsors

Offer Integration: package and promote our offer with a single and modular approach, for better meeting customer needs

Outdoor Digital Platform: design and develop a digital platform with this main features:

  • Describe and communicate about our fantastic region and hits uniqueness
  • Promote the region and every activity of the consortium
  • Organize, integrate and promote every outdoor offer and service in a unique booking engine
  • Integrate and organize mobility and experiences

Organization and Governance

  • Promote, Design and Implement an Outdoor Governance Model, to transform this Outdoor Mecca to an Outdoor System where every actor can participate in a synergic and rule based organization.

Trails and Territory Maintenance and Management: according with our Mission, we are developing a long term program to take in charge, organize and maintain our trails and territory with the dream to have in 3 years a Finale Ligure Outdoor Park.

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